Would you like to live in a pocket-size flat?

The Big Box by Bert & May Spaces

The Big Box by Bert & May Spaces

‘Space and affordability are the critical issues for London, so this year, pocket size and portable new homes are a big theme’ – says Homes and Property. The London Design Festival has become a capital of mini-living this year.

If you are interested in smart and pocket-size houses, do not forget to visit Decorex interior design and lifestyle fair in Syon Park, Brentford. This week, we will see the launch of the ‘Box house’ project – a two-bedroom prefabricated home, which can be set up and delivered to a customer within 14 days. Those who would like to live in a box house are only required to find a flat land. Then, the house will be assembled on site within a day.

Visitors can find the pocket-sized box house in the entrance of the Decorex exhibition. The house from the display will be then auctioned and the owner will get the house within a week.

‘A new house for London’, which is a similar project, is a smart home created from two shipping containers. If you think the micro-flat is poorly equipped, you should know, that the prototype house has been provided with voice activation systems and automated lighting. ‘A new house for London’ will be displayed during the London Design Festival, in Store Street, WC1.

And you? Would you mind to live in a micro-flat?

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