Kitchen. Why bespoke?

MorvenPaintedLANSDOWNEGlobal trends are constantly changing. A few decades ago we praised mass produced goods produced in automated factories. Now, we want our stuff to be unique and one of a kind. Bespoke, hand-made and tailor-made products are much more desired more than widely available ones. Why are we choosing bespoke over mainstream?

When considering the final look of the home we would highly recommend the addition of one of bespoke kitchens. Storage
units, cupboards, islands, drawers and other elements are hand-made craftsmen in our workshop. At High End Builders we strive to make each kitchen look exceptional. However, a bespoke kitchen is not only a matter of style but a matter of functionality. Simply because our kitchens are tailor-made to your requirements and preferences.

Storage solutions

Kitchen is this specific place in each house, where everyone likes to hang out. Whether it is a family lunch or party for people from work, it is usually the kitchen, where the event starts and ends. This is why each kitchen needs to be a combination of comfort and usability.

Our kitchen needs to fit all of the dinnerware and glassware we store. Whether we run a small catering business which involves lots of cooking or we use our kitchen only to preheat ready to eat meals, our storage requirements will definitely vary. Bespoke kitchens offer tailor-made storage solutions adjusted to each person’s needs.

For those who have a great collection of cooking equipment, deep drawers, and pull out shelves will come in handy, offering a great storage space for all pots, pans, and dinnerware. Appliance garage with a hidden charging station will help keep our devices all in one place, ready to be used. Wine lovers would rather spare some space for fitted wine coolers & racks and upgrade their cupboards for glazed ones to achieve better glassware display. Cleaning maniacs would love an under sink drawer for all their household products and pull out trash cans for better recycling. A custom pantry will keep everything in one place and corner drawers are space savers for difficult angles.

Pinner - kitchenPinner - kitchenPinner - kitchen


Personal adjustments

Creative storage solutions will keep each kitchen organised and capacious. But a bespoke kitchen is not only drawers and cupboards itself, bespoke is about creating a tailor-made solution to make everyone happy.

Elderly or disabled people may find difficult reaching wall hung cupboards and standard worktops. That is why bespoke kitchens offer specific features which provide a maximum independence for elderly and lower mobility people. Wall units and worktops with adjustable height systems enable reaching the dinnerware and working space. To make cooking and cleaning more accessible, kitchen appliances can be fitted on a lower level than usual.

For an extra protection, it is highly recommended to upgrade a hob for induction one, to cut down the risk of fire by eliminating open flames. Cupboards and worktops with height adjusting systems are not only great for lower mobility and elderly people but can allow children to help in kitchen duties too.


There are now so many new ways to interact with your kitchen appliances from the comfort of your armchair or even office, ovens that you can see how your food is cooking, fridges that photograph the contents of your fridge so you know exactly what you have, ovens that you can download settings to recipes for, all from a smartphone or tablet.

TeallachPaintedQuarry-Mix & Match

Bespoke doesn’t mean you need to follow the mainstream and current trends. You can mix all available materials and colours and match them with your personal taste or simply let a designer know, what you like and he will create the best combination of your requirements and interior design.

It doesn’t matter which of the above you are looking for, a bespoke kitchen should reflect your individual taste and personality. Here at HEB, our designers are ready to sit down with you and create your perfect kitchen space, we like to understand how you live, what you love and what you hate, and most importantly what you want to achieve, party place, quiet space, family area, or a true cooks kitchen. The design is just the beginning, and like all good stories we love delivering a happy ever after ending.

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