What should you know about your contractor?

HEBMaking a decision to have your home renovated or build a brand new one is not always easy. Whether it is a £50k or £2 million project, it needs to be well-planned and contracted out to people, who you will take care of the home you have always dreamt of.


At first, you need to find out, if you can trust your contractor. It is always best to deal with people that you know and can be sure of. Do not hesitate to google your contractor – basic information and activity on social media can reveal, whether the contractor can be trusted. Web is also a good source of opinions, but try not to take it for granted. All of your doubts should be resolved on a personal chat with your contractor.


How many projects have you developed? What is your experience? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do not be afraid to ask these questions to your contractor to-be. You have full right to know all of the relevant details about your contractor. You can also tell if the contractor is reliable, after the time he is responding to your messages, if it is difficult to reach him over the phone or is he being punctual on your meetings.


Try not to persuade signing the contract during the very first meeting, but be aware that is it a very important element of a good co-operation with your contractor. It is always good to set some basic terms and agree to what you demand and what the contractor can offer you. The approach ‘we’ll figure it out later’ can not necessarily be beneficial and rather the source of misunderstandings. Remember – keep it clear!

You can also have a look at the list of 10 questions to ask when hiring a contractor made by Architectural Digest.

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