Progressing with the Chiswick project design

Chiswick designWhile progressing with property demolition and updating its structure, our team is working on Chiswick project’s interior design. The first concept has already been pre-approved. 

High End Builders are currently involved in another exciting project, set above a looping section of the Thames, in Chiswick. We are now updating this great family house with a rear dormer extension. So, we will be taking care of the roof structure and its sheeting and inserting additional structural steel. Nextly, we will be installing new heating, plumbing, and electric systems. Last months of the project our team will spend on decoration process. At the end of our works, we will be fitting our bespoke furniture.

Our dedicated team has already prepared the proposed design of the kitchen, lounge area, and bathrooms layout. Further ahead, we will be proposing specific details, e.g. appliances, colours and decoration elements. We will see results of our design & build by the end of 2016!

Meanwhile, you can follow the building works progress here.

Chiswick design Chiswick design


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