Elstree – design + new build

The project has been categorised as a new build as we have retained only 1 wall from the old building.

This has been so far our most exciting and demanding project. Located in Elstree, to the north of London, not very far from the popular Elstree Studios, often described as ‘The Home of British Film’.

High End Developers has started the job in the late 2015 and were proud to provide the finest design and structural work services. The property has been provided with a double-storey rear, side and front extensions and a loft conversion. New electric, plumbing and underfloor heating systems were designed and installed, with the addition of a modern, smartphone integrated electric and sound system.

While carrying out structural works to include new roof, new windows and new brickwork, our design team has prepared the interior proposals for the following: walk-in wardrobe, ensuite bedroom, hall, kitchen, bathrooms, bespoke furniture and hand-made chandeliers.

To give the property the final touch, our team have built a patio garden and a front driveway.

Elstree project in numbers:

  • 1 lift
  • 1 bespoke kitchen
  • 1 library unit
  • 2 hand-made chandeliers
  • 2 storeys and a loft
  • 5 bespoke fitted wardrobes
  • 5 bathrooms and a guest cloakroom
  • 6 bedrooms
  • 712 electric points

Design drawings:

Elstree - designElstree - design Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.12.51