Our team is getting bigger!

We are happy to announce, that our company is expanding. High End Builders are now having new team members and have moved to a bigger office.

In High End Builders, we strive to constantly improve the quality of our services. We want to offer a high standard turnkey project management and take care of every part of our client’s building project.

Therefore, our company will now benefit from two new team members – the interior designer and the commercial manager. They were both gaining their experience in great creative companies in London and they are now happy to put their skills and abilities into HEB’s creative process. 

Our team got bigger and so did our office. We are still located at the same address, however, we have changed our unit for a more bright and spacious one. It will be soon decorated and equipped with our brand identity elements.

How do you like it?

20151113-IMG_5163 20151113-IMG_5162

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