Modern-design bridge over Thames. Which one will link Pimlico with Nine Elms?


New images of several projects of bridge across the Thames has been revealed. They will be judged with the critical eye of Londoners, who are welcome to share their opinions on the proposals. £40m pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Thames will link Pimlico with Nine Elms. The four bridge ideas, were shortlisted earlier this year, and the images have been recently revealed. Designing the bridge was really challenging due to the list of requirements. Bridge needs to be tall enough to allow large vessels to pass beneath, should not be too steep for pedestrians and cyclist, as well as should keep the loss of open space to a minimum.

Wandsworth council also require that the bridge will create a landmark, perfectly linking two banks of Thames.

Recently revealed projects not only follow the council’s instructions and but they also represent the highest standards of modern design. The winning team and bridge design should be announced by the end of 2015. Right now, we can admire the masterpieces of modern architecture being displayed on the pictures and wonder, which one will finally link Pimlico and Nine Elms, creating a new London landmark.

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