London’s top 10 most expensive boroughs.


Kensington and Chelsea, City of Westminster and Camden. According to the latest Land Registry figures, these are the most expensive boroughs to buy a property to live in London. Most desirable, most prestigious, most expensive – latest figures revealed London’s top 10 boroughs. Surprisingly, not City of Westminster, but Kensington and Chelsea is London’s mostexpensive area to buy a property. With average property price at £1,317,323, Kensington and Chelsea is definitely London’s number one.

Slightly less than a million – £990,896, is the average cost of property to buy in City of Westminster. However, considering having a view on London Eye or Big Ben while eating breakfast, houseprices in this area sound to be reasonable. Third place and bronze medal goes to Camden with average property price at £825,082.

Other boroughs in London’s top 10 are:

4. Hammersmith and Fulham ( avg. £784,613)

5. Islington (avg. £671,321)

6. Richmond upon Thames (avg. £622,233 )

7. Hackney ( avg. £616,004)

8. Wandsworth ( avg. £576,155 )

9. Southwark ( avg. £549,488)

10. Lambeth ( avg. £534,304 )


Last but not least – number 10 – Lambeth – has recorded the biggest annual rise in house prices of the top 10 prime boroughs, taking the average cost of buying a property to £534,304. Even though it’s really expensive to buy a property in top 10 most expensive boroughs, undeniably it would be pretty prestigious to live there, don’t you think? If you have at least half a million to spend

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