Kitchen refurbishment in Chiswick

Bespoke shaker style kitchen This project includes electric and plumbing systems replacement, retiling, redecorating, adding a new timber floor, and building a new, custom made shaker style kitchen.

The understated beauty of this timeless design and the history behind its heartfelt craftsmanship make Shaker kitchens the perfect fit for almost any style of home.

Kitchen refurbishment

Kitchen refurbishment is a specific project, as it can give a brand new look to the whole property. It’s worth to focus on project objectives and identify what is the main reason to undergo the kitchen refurbishment: maximising the storage space, creating more cooking space or refreshing the look. Many projects will include building a rear-extension to provide more space to the whole property; extensions with patio gardens are perfect locations for a new, bright kitchen.

Shaker style

The Shakers were a religious sect — founded in mid-18th century England and in existence until the early 20th century — that shunned materialism. Firm believers in celibacy, they grew their numbers through adoption. Their communities segregated men from women and featured dormitory-like homes with multipurpose rooms. Cleanliness and durability were important; their furniture designs focused on quality, joinery and standardisation.

Shaker kitchens have become a classic thanks to their clean lines and proportioned frame and inset panel design. Any ornamentation is minimal.

Shaker style cabinets are units that are uniquely simple yet attractive.

We will be adding copper elements and elegant mosaic tiles to accent the unique style of the kitchen we’ll build.

Take a look at the concept & mood boards and see if you like this new elegant kitchen: Bespoke shaker style kitchen Bespoke shaker style kitchen

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