Inside woman’s walk-in wardrobe

Radlett 7 walkin wardrobe london builders6It’s safe to say, that a walk-in wardrobe is every woman’s dream. Imagine, that you don’t need to store your shoes, seasonal coating and other rarely used clothes in boxes under the bed. A dream of spacious and smart storage solution inspired us to design a perfect walk-in wardrobe.

The objective

The objective of this project was very straightforward – to make a use of a small room and turn it into the place that every woman dreams of. The room is adjacent to the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Firstly, the design team took the measurements to sketch the first draft of the interior. The second step was to consult the needs and requirements with the client.  Since usability was above other features of this project, the knowledge of what will be stored in wardrobes was essential in that case.

The dream

The room has been finally designed into a massive walk-in wardrobe. The whole set comprises of bespoke tall units, shelving units and vanity unit in the corner. Tall units have got two levels of railings, to store clothes which need to be hung. Shelves are easily adjustable, to allow for future alternations to store different things. Separate wall unit has been dedicated to shoes and boots; lower units have been equipped with small hanging rails for tall boots. Shallow drawers in vanity unit are equipped with inserts to store jewellery, makeup and other accessories.

To optimise the space in the room, tall mirrors have been installed on the front doors of the wardrobes.

Tips for your wardrobe

Your dream wardrobe can look different than our project or other wardrobes you can find online. The most important thing to remember is that its purpose is to serve you and match your preferences. You might not need tall units, but more shoe storage or you might want to change shelves into more drawers.

If it’s not the best time for investing in bespoke fitted wardrobes, you can always start with buying some storage organisers which will work with most common wardrobes.


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