Our workflow can be summarized in 5 steps


G e t t i n g   t o   k n o w   e a c h   o t h e r 

Making a decision to have your home renovated or to build a brand new one is not always easy. Whether the project value is £50k or £3 million, it needs to be well-planned, executed on time and to budget and by someone who you will take care of the home you have always dreamt of. That is why at High End Developers we believe it is crucial to get to know each other first and discuss the concept of the project before agreeing on any details. On this stage we are trying to understand your requirements and check if we can match our services with your budget.


o n c e p t   a n d   i n i t i a l   c o s t

Once we know a little more about each other, our expectations and abilities, we can decided, whether we would like to get on board together. If so, we can refine the concept of  the project and agree on the initial cost. We will normally sign the letter of engagement to go further with design services.


D e s i g n   a n d   f i n a l   c o s t

After signing the letter of engagement, our dedicated architecture and interior design team will proceed with creating a complete layout and design for the property. We utilise the most up to data professional software such as Sketch – Up, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite and Rhino 3D to prepare a full set of 2D and 3D drawings for each project. Our team can also create a video to walk you through the designed property.

Our expertise covers many disciplines including interior design, bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, bespoke furniture, other custom-made elements or landscaping. A complete design will come along with the final cost. At this stage we can still make adjustments to meet with your requirements and if you are happy we will just sign the contract.

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n – s i t e   i m p l e m e n t a t i o n

At this stage of the project we simply implement a chosen design on site.

Our passionate team of qualified experts are highly skilled in every aspect of construction and refurbishment and are proud to provide the wide range services,  e.g. extensions, conversions, basement excavations or new builds.

We operate entirely self-sufficiently with our own tools and transportation and are fully insured with First Insurance Solutions Ltd. To see our insurance certificate please click here.

Our team will start with heavy structural works, than will proceed with decoration and installatioof every aspect of the project right down to the smallest detail.


P r o j e c t   c o m p l e t i o n

We have implemented the design on site, finished decoration and install bespoke elements and other features. Congratulations, your project has been completed! After the evaluation and final inspection the property is ready for its residents. We always appreciate feedback to continuasly improve our services.

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At High End Developers we realise, that every project is
exceptional. We are delighted to offer our new turnkey project
management: from design, through the renovation process
to adding bespoke furniture. We also understand, that
not everyone will require the full range of our services and
that is why we would be happy to discuss what services
would be most suitable to each individual client.