Bespoke furniture – how it’s made

20151017-IMG_4395When considering the final look of the home we are highly recommending the addition of one of our bespoke furniture. Kitchens, storage units, library units, cupboards, islands, drawers and other elements are hand-made craftsmen in our workshop. But what exactly does it take to make a bespoke furniture?

At High End Builders we strive to make each project look exceptional. However, a bespoke furniture is not only a matter of style but a matter of functionality. Simply because our furniture is tailor-made to one’s requirements and preferences.

1. Design

Our process of making the bespoke furniture begins with a design. Our architects and designers start with taking site measurements and preparing the first concept of the furniture to be made. They will get the idea of what is the main purpose of each unit and combine it with client’s preferences and style expectations.

2. Technical details

At this stage, our designers in cooperation with our carpenters would suggest the best material and finish of the furniture. They can also Bespoke wardrobessuggest the addition of smart systems e.g. pop-out sockets or space for built-in screens and tv. A complete design approved by the client will be sent through to our production line at the workshop facility.

3. Production

The panel saw is on! Our carpenters are now busy cutting out all components to build a unit’s carcass, compartments, panels, and doors. Once all the parts are cut to size, joiner will start assembling it to create a great bespoke unit.

4. Finishing touch

Depending on the material used to build a bespoke unit it will need a final touch. Some of the elements will need to be paint sprayed or varnished.

5. Installation 

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Bespoke furniture looks great in our workshop, but it’s only a temporary place! After giving each bespoke unit a final look, furniture will be transported and reassembled on site. Doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new kitchen, fitted wardrobe or a vanity unit – it will surely look great at a new place and will be ready to fulfill its destiny.

We pay attention to creating a bespoke furniture which will meet anyone’s requirements and expectations. At High End Builders we offer a wide range selection of bespoke furniture, e.g. kitchens, wardrobes, vanity units. If you are considering adding bespoke furniture to your project – you know where to look for it.

bespoke furniture bespoke furniture

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