Elingham road – a beauty is a challenge


12A highly demanding project of restoring a run-down Victorian house is in its full swing. – This is one of our most challenging works – says Martin Bator, CEO&Founder of High End Builders. Why? Because the devil is in the… basement.

The first restoring works has started at Elingham Road almost a year ago. Our team began restoring the property on ground and 1st floor and prepared the loft conversion. While we carried out demolition and restoration, the other contractor was designated to dig and restore the basement. Unfortunately, the basement part required works beneath the water level, which was flowing in constantly and could not be pumped out.  The other contractor gave up on this work – so High End Builders stepped in.

Challenge accepted

Thames ground water flowing in the basement made this project one of the most challenging projects that High End Builders has dealt with.

– Our team needed to dig standing in knee-deep water – explains Martin Bator.  – They were wet and tired, but yet so determined to complete this challenge. Not only digging was a problem. Because of the constant water level pouring concrete was almost impossible. Happily, after weeks of digging in water we were able to make the footing made of special material congealing under water.

Challenge completed

Now, with the dry and clean basement, we are able to continue restoring this old Victorian property to build the house his owner dreamt of. We have put constructional steel in the basement and will be carrying out our works on other floors. Meanwhile, you can see the effect of loft conversion with amazing bathtub in the bedroom area. We have also put bespoke wardrobe in of the rooms.

More photos of this project available in ‘Current project’ section.

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