Marylebone – penthouse renovation

This penthouse renovation located just minutes from Marylebone station started in April 2017.  This project involves full re-design of the property to achieve a modern & brave effect.

Our design team has started preparing their design proposal early this year. This involved change of the internal walls layout, redesign of lighting, new interior design for each room and a project of a bespoke kitchen. Our design proposal has met our client’s expectations, therefore, we have started the renovation process in April 2017.

This penthouse renovation has started with a complete strip out of the property and is now under process of changing internal walls, installing a underfloor heating and replacing the electric and plumbing system. After this part of the project, our decoration team will proceed with tiling and painting. Meanwhile, our workshop is hand-making a new, bespoke kitchen which will be fitted by the end of August.

What is a penthouse?

In architecture, the term penthouse is used to refer to a structure on the roof of a building that is set back from the outer walls. These structures do not occupy the entire roof deck.

Penthouse apartments have not only the advantages of a regular apartment such as security and convenient location but also all those of a house such as size and design.

Similar to other city apartments, penthouses are usually located in the heart of urban centres yet offer a sense of being situated far away from or above noisy and crowded urban life. Such locations provide easy access to hotels, restaurants, malls, and schools. On the basis of their sometimes larger size, penthouses also generally overcome the issue of small space in regular apartments.

Marylebone, London

Marylebone has been an incredibly fashionable area in London since at least the seventeenth century  – as the catalogue of famous residents (past and present) attests. With Oxford Street on its southern border, Marylebone is a world-famous shopping destination, but a quick look around the side streets reveal specialist shops and boutiques that sell everything from Stradivarius violins to plastic buttons.

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