Hammersmith 1

Hammersmith 1 is a design & build project, and includes electric and plumbing systems replacement, redesigning and refurbishing a master bedroom, master bathroom and building a new, custom made shaker style kitchen.

The first step of the project was to redesign the key areas in the house: kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom and the hall. Our team took care of the interior look of the property and design it to achieve the modern and elegant style. The key element in the bathroom and the kitchen are copper sanitary ware, resonating with white walls and furniture.

New kitchen

The understated beauty of this timeless design and the history behind its heartfelt craftsmanship make Shaker kitchens the perfect fit for almost any style of home. Shaker kitchens have become classic thanks to their clean lines and proportioned frame and inset panel design. Any ornamentation is minimal. Shaker style cabinets are units that are uniquely simple yet attractive.

We will be adding copper elements and elegant mosaic tiles to accent the unique style of the kitchen we’ll build.

Take a look at the concept & mood boards for a master bedroom and master bathroom:

Design & Build Hammersmith Heb1 Design & build Hammersmith 5 Kitchen