How to decorate house with copper?

kaufmann-mercantile-290705Copper – this fashionable warm metal is absolutely amazing. We love how it can add a fashionable glow to any room. Its hue will soften the interior and make it more sophisticated. Here’s a quick guide how to decorate your house with copper.


Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean to use it as a main material for your kitchen furniture, simply copper elements and finishes will make the job done. Sink or tap will be a pure classic here. If you are more adventurous, you might consider adding a metallic oven and cooker hood. Copper will look great with simple white kitchens, white bricked style tiles and wooden countertops.


Like in a kitchen, copper elements will look great in your bathroom. Starting from taps and shower heads, through radiators, copper fixtures will add a fashionable look to each bathroom. Those will make a perfect match with mosaic tiles on the floor. Larger bathrooms will look great with an addition of a copper free standing bathtub and sink bowls.

Don’t forget about the piping! If you can’t hide pipes in your bathroom or a kitchen, you can make them look a bit better by changing them to copper ones.

Other elements

If you are not planning a bathroom or kitchen remodelling soon, but you still want to add a copper look to your house, there are plenty of ways how to do it. Let’s start with lighting. Pendants, reading lamps or chandeliers will accent e.g. the simplicity of white walls. Larger copper elements, like small furniture, or kitchen appliances will look great in grey-ish interiors. Small plant pots will look great on wooden worktops and white marble.

Copper will surely make your place look great, but remember to be tasteful. Never use too many elements in the same finish, shade as this may ruin the final result. If you are dreaming about new interiors and you think you will like the addition of fashionable elements, leave us a comment and our design team will be happy to consult your new project with you.

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