Building external and internal walls requires accuracy!

Internal wallsSun is out, steels are in! At least in Radlett, where we are progressing with the Radlett 6 project.

We have recently completed the following building works on one of our biggest projects:

  • building external walls 
  • creating window openings
  • building partition walls
  • inserting steels
  • completing roof construction over the rear extension

Building works as above, requires accuracy to create a sturdy wall and roof construction. We are proud of our builders who have completed their tasks with perfection and on time.

Next stages of that project will be to:

  • create full roof construction ( to include roof sheeting)
  • provide electric and plumbing 1st fix

Very excited and motivated to maintain the great progress on that job.

Have a look at the work done so far:

Internal wallsInternal walls


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