A bedroom is a place, where each day starts and ends. That is why at High End Developers we simply take care of every bedroom.

Kensal RIse project

High End Developers’ team strives to create your perfect bedroom by matching your requirements with our stylish ideas. Our bedrooms are simply a combination of a comfy bed with creative storage solutions for your things. 


Chest of drawers

Dressing rooms

Kensal RIse project

  Bedside units

Dressing table

TV units

Kensal RIse project
Kensal RIse project
Wardrobe drawing


Our dedicated design team will create a complete layout and design for your new bedroom, dressing room or new wardrobe. We utilise the most up to data professional software such as Sketch – Up, AutoCAD, and Adobe Suite to prepare a full set of 2D and 3D drawings for each project. 

Bedroom drawing
Storage 1
Storage 2

If you would wish to consult the concept of your bedroom or bespoke furniture, please leave your contact details and we will contact you shortly. You will be consulting with someone who understands the installation process and would ultimately be responsible for delivering the project to your satisfaction