Basement excavation in Barham Avenue

As you already know, Barham Avenue property is one of our largest projects. It will be even bigger, as next week we will start excavating the basement.

The owner of the property decided to expand the Barham Avenue project. He suggested adding new side extensions. However, we agreed that the best solution for this project will be to excavate the basement. That will give much more room and will not affect the final look of the house. According to the new project, a new basement will be a perfect place for a gym and a cinema room with latest media system. The owner of the property was also pleased to see how good we are in excavating basements, especially while working under really difficult conditions. We showed him the effects of the great work our team did in Ellingham Road.

We are now preparing for the excavation, which will start next week. The old roof of the house has been recently removed and will be replaced with a brand new one. To learn more about this project, visit our ‘ Current projects’ section.

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