Barham Avenue project is now in full swing

Barham Avenue property is one of our largest projects. Located in the lovely Elstree and Borehamwood area of North London, this work is now in full swing.

We have recently put structural steel to expand this property with front and rare extensions. Our builders are also doing their best job to provide the house with new walls and foundation . Old roof will be soon removed and replaced with a brand new one, hence the temporary building roof.   

– Barham Avenue project is really captivating – says Martin Bator, CEO&Founder of HEB. – We are performing full house renovation to be completed with putting our bespoke joinery.

The property will be soon updated with a new heating unit and state of the art electrics. Plans also include adding an indoor escalator, what for sure will be really challenging. To learn more, see our ’Current portfolio’ section.

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