A big step forward on Ellingham Road

A screed to be poured on Ellingham RoadWe are glad to announce, that we have made another step forward on Ellingham Road.

Last week we were really busy on this very engaging project. Our team was pouring screed in the basement. This sand and cement mixture was used as a top layer poured directly on floor insulation. The basement is now ready for putting wall linings and partition walls.

We have also put plasterboards on the ground floor and have finished the flooring. Within couple weeks, everything should be ready for closing the electric and plumbing schemes.

Ellingham Road keeps us busy

This is truly engaging and challenging project for us. The first restoring works has started on Ellingham Road almost a year ago. Our team began restoring the property on ground and 1st floor and prepared the loft conversion.

More photos of this project available in ‘Current project’ section.

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