Final countdown on Mill Hill

Mill Hill projectOnly 6 weeks left until project completion on Mill Hill! Our team is now putting efforts on the ground floor of this great property.

As there are only several weeks left to complete this big project, we are exceptionally busy on each floor of this great property. Our decorators and tillers are currently taking care of the loft and first floor. All of the bathrooms are being tiled while bedrooms are being beautifully decorated. First coat of paint has been already applied!

The ground floor is now being plastered and we are due to electric and plumbing installation.

The heart of Mill Hill 

This great property is based in the lovely and peaceful area of Mill Hill. We have firstly added rear extensions and built a new roof. The property will be also updated with underfloor heating, new electric scheme, and a unique staircase. The house will be completed with a smart media system with a dedicated surround speaker system. Click here to learn more about this exciting project. 

Mill Hill projectMill Hill project

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